About my blog

I decided to start this blog to promote Poland as great place to do business and make a living (due to moderate climate, beautiful landscapes and great people).

Although my company is quite succesfully doing it through our corporate websites such as: en.cgolegal.pl, https://www.companyincorporationpoland.com/https://www.lawyerspoland.eu/ , I have recently came to conslusion that they lack personal touch. After all – legal services are personal ones – in fact, we lawyers usually make friends with our clients. We are required to stay proffesional, responsive but all the time – trustworhty. Lawyers advises far beyond legal matters – keeping entrusted secrets confidential – they are fiduciaries and closest advisers.

I am quite sure that even the most proffesional website will not be able to give you idea whether you will trust your lawyer (and you really should!). I hope this blog will.

Feel free to contact me!