About me

I am a legal counsel and entrepreneur. I am possionate about helping foreign corporate and individual clients grow their business in Poland.

During my carier I had honour to work with the best people in their respective field of businesses – I met finest entrepreneurs from Western Europe, Northern America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia. Do I have a stroy to tell?

You will not be suprised that I came accross both subtle and huge differences beetwen styles of day to day corporate management, approach to clients,  employees and – obviously – view on the world. I had opportunity to see international  businesses in action – recuritment agencies, tourist agencies, construction, IT, lending, trading companies and many others.

Do you think that there is something in common to be found among such a diverse group of poeople?

I learnt that there is.

These are hard work, persistance and passion, And I would like to share these valuses with them.